Love is Power to Change

boy raising hand in class

[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]his is the story of Mac who was known to be an all-rounder. Mac was very intelligent from his childhood. He participated in different in-door as well as out-door games and was good at them. Although he was so good at his academics he was not happy at home. His parents were always busy and had no time for him. He spent his time with his grandmother and his sister – Samara. They both were always there to help him in need. Samara had to go abroad for her further studies leaving Mac and grandmother. They were regularly in contact. He proved to be a good student by sustaining on his position with good marks. Everyone was delighted with his graduation marks.

Suddenly he faced a tragedy with his grandmother’s death. He was unable to control his emotions. Samara was abroad so everybody decided to call her for the last rituals of grandmother. She arrived and wailed. Then she looked around and saw that Mac was missing. Samara knew that Mac must be in too much pain so she calmed herself and went to Mac. She knocked at his door and asked him to open. As soon as he heard her voice, he opened the door with teary eyes and hugged her tightly. Samara was in the huge pain seeing Mac in that condition, so she hugged him back even more tighter. The moment she hugged, Mac cried for long time.

Though Mac’s condition was not good, Samara went back as she had to continue her study.
As days passed by, everything changed including Mac’s behavior. He was getting much rude and aggressive. His parents were so busy in their business that they could not realize that Mac had fallen in the bad circle. He started fighting and messing up with everyone, always drinking and smoking. His parent decided to control him and started cutting off his pocket money thinking that he would stay quiet in home without money and admitted him to hostel as well. Samara was worried for Mac being lonely so she regularly called him but she was unaware of what was happening with his brother. Her parents also did not tell her anything. She started suspecting about the condition of his brother – Mac by their talks and through some friends. She was too worried about his brother. She decided to return but her parents told her not to do so saying everything will be fine there. They asked her not to bother.

Since Samara was worried about Mac a lot, she returned without informing anyone because she knew they would not let her do so if she had informed them. After returning, she went straight to meet Mac’s dean where she got to know about his changed behavior. Dean told her that Mac has been so undisciplined and quarrelsome. He even told her that he has failed in exam time and again. Samara got dumbstruck by the news. She asked him that she wants to meet Mac but to her surprise he said that he was absent since a week or so. Samara got back to home and irked towards her parents for neglecting Mac. Knowing that Samara arrived, Mac came to home. As soon as Mac saw her, he hugged her emotionally. She inquired him about his changed behavior but Mac hesitated, excused himself, tried to ignore her and went out. Samara handed a heavy bag which she brought from Mac’s hostel to parents saying that she liked the gift they gave. They did not understand her at first but when they opened the bag they saw cigarettes, drugs and a paper – Mac’s mark sheet. Samara taunted them that they were so busy attending their business and parties that they did not get to know about their own son.