Superstition : Should we believe or Not ?


In normal word superstition is, to believe in supernatural power or we can say following the religion and its way. In this world we can see that everything have negative and positive aspect. Every superstitious belief is the modified form of something meant to be good. Rules are made and people are bound to follow that rule. Some understand its value and follow whereas some follow it without knowing its reason. When things are followed without knowing proper reason that gets transferred to other generation in different form and loses its original purpose. And such beliefs does more harm than good. We can’t follow each and every superstitious things which was handed by our ancestor. We need to find out the original purpose and follow only those which is practical according to present context.

In the past, most of the people were uneducated and there was a lack of awareness and they used to believe in something blindly without knowing the actual purpose. Based on superstitious belief, research have been conducted in various subjects and many useful thoughts have been revealed.

Lets take a simple example, We have a belief that sweeping during evening time brings bad luck. Actually, the root of this belief is good and is still practical. There might be something valuable thing on the floor which we might have dropped, when sweeping or cleaning during evening or night time we might not see those things properly due to the absence of proper light and lose that thing forever. Losing valuable things is obviously bad luck.
Next example :
Its more like a story. There was a family consisting of a father, a mother and a son who used to have a cat as pet in a house. They used to organize pooja (worshipping God) in a house once a year. When organizing pooja, everything had kept to be clean and healthy. So to avoid cat from messing with the things kept to worship God, father tied a cat with a chain and kept it at the far side of the house. Same thing was done for few following year – Organizing pooja and tying a cat at the far side of house.
Unfortunately, after few years, father died and within few months cat also died. The time came when son had to organize the Pooja himself. He managed everything. He noticed he didn’t have cat now. So he went to the next village and brought a cat. He thought that cat is a very important part of Pooja which needs to be kept at the far side of house witnessing pooja. And the same thing passed to his next generation and so on.

Actually, father tied a cat for some purpose but son understood it for the next purpose.
Many such beliefs might have been established in our society for some purpose but due to misunderstanding it is still followed thinking for some other reason.
Most of the people believe in hell and heaven and they believe that who does good work in his /her entire life will go to heaven otherwise you need to take part in hell. Existence of GOD might be a topic to debate but lets look at its beneficial side. In the hope of reaching to heaven or fear of going to hell, people try to maintain good attitude, help needy people, do good things for society and other positive things.

Following things blindly have contributed to many social crimes too. Like claiming girls as witch and torturing them, spending lots of money on witch doctor, overtaking the mind of common people and looting money in the name of GOD and many other things.
We are human beings, directly or indirectly we believe in superstition and it depends upon us how much we are believing and how we are believing. Believing superstitions without any valid reason does bad than good. But following such beliefs with proper understanding obviously does good for us, for the society. Superstitions differs from place to place and countries to countries and it is also one of the way to present their religion to other people and a chance to know about art and civilization for others too.


  1. Actually most of the part, Science observes and explains the existing things happening in our society.
    Newton observed apple, Galileo observed the space and its surrounds etcc…
    Superstition shouldn’t be ignored instead should be studied.

    • Superstitious should be followed well otherwise thats gonna harm you alot… Your social life…. your personal life

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