Love is Power to Change


Schoolboy head down
Few days later, Samara got a call from Mac’s mobile and unknown person was on the phone. She asked who it was and the man informed her that he is in the hospital and asked her to reach there as soon as possible. Samara hurried to the hospital while the parents followed her. They reached the hospital and visited doctor who said, “Mac’s condition is critical”. Samara’s nerves got numb. Then again the doctor said that it was not the case of accident but was the case of drug addiction. Samara burst into tears seeing his dear brother lying in the hospital bed struggling between life and death. After waiting for three weeks, Mac became stable. Then Samara took very good care of him.

Mac was cursing himself and thinking that he was responsible for his sister’s pain and sorrow. He could not face her by any means. He was feeling guilty. He regretted for not controlling himself when he started having drugs about a year ago. He remembered how a person in the street recommended him to try drugs. He remembered how he refused but agreed him when he insisted, saying, “You shall forget all your pain after having it”. His eyes were full of tears as he was saying all this but Samara controlled her emotions and told him that it was not his fault. When he heard that, hugged her tight, and wailed. He then said her facing the truth that although he survived he was ruined. He failed in the internal exam. His reputation has doomed. He lost his interest in studies and his graduation was worthless now. The biggest pain he felt was that he had to see his sister crying which he never wished. He apologized her and expressed that he is feeling guilty as he made her cry. So he wants to leave drugs. He wants to be the same Mac who always brought smile on her face.

When he said, “I want to be your old Mac”. Samara hugged him tightly and said,” Although you failed in internal exam. Your reputation has not doomed. I know you have lost your interest in the studies but your graduation is not worthless. If you are addicted now who says that you cannot recover. My Mac is not so weak. How can you give up? How can you give up Mac?
Mac was still negative towards himself. He said,” Nobody will understand it, they hate me now. Nobody is with me and no one will help me to do so”.
Then again Samara said,” I am with you Mac. Am I not enough? We do not need anyone. We will prove them that Mac can get well. I will help you to get rid of it. And if anybody will hate you I will fight for you, encourage you.”

Mac was delighted when his parents too proposed him to help. He was then brought back home where he was cared a lot. Whenever he felt like having drugs he went to Samara and lie down on her lap. Their father consulted with the best therapists and doctors and their mother feed him by her own hands. They supported, cared and loved him so much that he gradually started improving. He then started showing interest in studies and was happy. He took exam and also got good response too. Although, he was not the topper this time but he was happy as he has become a good man. His colleagues had started hating him but now their view towards him was changing. He was also being respected in his circle. People then started taking him as a brave man who fought with himself to leave drugs. He was able to earn a good life and a good example for the society.


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