Best places to visit in Nepal

best places to visit in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country to travel in this whole world. Nepal is rich in natural resources which is diversified with different types of natural beauties, flora and fauna and is equally diverse in cultural aspect. Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Nepal to experience its richness and diversification. Visit to Nepal will be one of your most memorable experience of your life as you will be busy wondering the things – from hotter Terai to Coldest Mountain ranges, from hiking to thrilling Bungee jump, from Hindu religion to Christianity, from funky city area to wild nature, from temples to modern concrete buildings, from new immigrants to older inhabitants, from hiphop music to local raw music and more – all in one place NEPAL.
Nepal holds its pride being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, habitat of rare flora and fauna, home of 8 largest mountains out of 10 in the world, richest country in water resources only after Brazil, one of the only few country not to celebrate independence day as it was never captured by any foreign rulers, brave Gorkhali history and the list continues.

Though it is not possible to list out all the best places to visit in Nepal, here are few :

Lumbini :
Situated at the south western Terai of Nepal Lumbini is one of the famous place to visit. It is the birth place of Lord Buddha. It is the actual site of Lord Buddha which is proved by the great Ashoka Pillar which was built by emperor Ashoka. Every year many people from different part of the world come to visit this site. The most important thing for Buddhist pilgrims is the stone slab located in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Above all Mayadevi temple shines the glory of Lumbini by marking the exact spot of birth of Lord Buddha. Lumbini in present days further is divided into many sites such as Monastic site, Lumbini Village, Sacred garden.

Monastic Zone
In Lumbini we can see different monasteries reflecting the art and culture of different places of the world. Moreover it reflects the significance of birth place of Buddha. It is situated at the western part of Lumbini. Different countries like China, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand etc have built monasteries in this area.

Lumbini Village
In the northern part of Lumbini there is Lumbini village which is very popular for hotel, restaurants’ and lodging. There is also the research center and museum. Whenever people visit Lumbini, it is the best place for them to stay.

Sacred Garden
It is one of the holy gardens located in Lumbini. The great Ashoka pillar, Mayadevi temple is located in this place. There is also the presence of Pushkarini pond in the garden. It is believed that Mayadevi had taken bath in Pushkarini pond before giving birth to Lord Buddha and also where Buddha had taken his first bath before his birth.
Lumbini naturally is also very beautiful place to visit. The green and peaceful environment has quiet brought fascination to this place. The greenery cover along with the birth place of Buddha is quiet adorable place to visit. It is the perfect place for giving us a piece of break during holidays and also one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Sagarmatha National Park :
It is located at the north eastern part of Nepal. It lies in the Sagarmatha zone and most of the part covers the Khumbu region. The main shrine of this park is the highest peak of the world Sagarmatha. The first people to climb Everest were Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal and Edmund Hillary of New Zealand. Since then many people have already made their attempt and climbed Mount Everest. The other mountains located in Sagarmatha national park are Lhotse, Lhotsesar, Choyu, Nojumbakang, Nuptse etc. Different types of animals like Musk deer, Fox, rabbit, etc. are found in this region. The temperature in this region is cold. People living in this region mostly are Sherpa’s (Khumbu community). There is a museum in Namche bazar and a central office of park in Mendelfu. There are different monasteries in this park some of them are:
It is the monastery which probably is situated at the highest altitude. This monastery has got great significance for people of Sagarmatha zone. Sagarmatha is also visible from this monastery.

Thame Moastry
It is located in Tashi Lapcha pass. This monastery also has got great significance for people of Khumbu community. Festival like Mani Rimdu is celebrated by Sherpa’s in this monastery.

Namche bazar
It is one of the biggest market place of this area. Many hotel, Lodges, etc. for trekkers are found in this area. There are many official centers and people can buy different things for their trekking in this area. ‘Haat bazar’ is generally held on different days, once or twice in a week. Namche is the place where people make their first journey toward mountain climbing.
Sagarmatha national park is one of the beautiful places to visit in Nepal and every year many people from different part of the world visit this place.

Durbar Square :
There are 3 major Durbar square which have huge significance to reflect the art and culture of people residing in Kathmandu valley. They are one of the important places to visit in valley.

Kathmandu Durbar Square (Hanuman dhoka Durbar square)
Kathmandu Durbar Square is located at the heart of Kathmandu city. This place reflects the artwork and culture of people living in Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square further is also known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square. This place is further called as Basantapur. There is a museum in this Durbar Square. This place reflects the old existence of kings since the Lichhavi period. Kumari who is considered to be the living goddess resides in this place. There is also the Taleju temple which was built by Malla kings during their period. There are many things to be observed at this place such as Hanuman statue, Subarnadwar, Nasal chwok and courtyard, Nau talle palace, Taleju temple etc.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
It is located in Bhaktapur city of Kathmandu valley. This durbar square has got great significance to reflect the art and culture of people residing in Bhaktapur city. Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal. Some of the important monuments of Bhaktapur durbar square are: The Golden Gate and the Lion Gate, Replica of Pashupatinath temple, Art gallery, Fifty five Window Palace, Nyatapola temple, etc. Besides Durbar Square, the most visit place near to Bhaktapur is Nagarkot.

Lalitpur durbar square (Patan durbar square)
Lalitpur is the city which is rich in art and culture. Besides art and culture this district is also favored by natural beauty. Places like Godawari are adorable to visit for natural beauty. Supported by economic and cultural background Lubhu, Lamatar are also nice place to visit. Patan durbar square is located in heart of lalitpur, south of Lagenkhel. We can see many people ingaged in art work in this area. The main bazar of Patan durbar square is Mangalbazar. There are many temples located in this durbar square and each of them has their own significance and some of them are: Bhimsen temple, Vishwanath temple, Krishna Mandir, Harishankar temple, Rato Machindranath temple (Nearby durbar square) etc. There are many courtyards in this durbar square and some of them are: Mulchwok, Sundari chwok, Keshavnarayan chowk.
Located at the heart of major cities in valley they are most important places to visit because they reflect the historical and cultural significance of people residing in these cities.

Swoymbhunath :
It is one of the religious places located at the upper hill of the Kathmandu valley. It has got great importance to Buddhist so that many tourists from Sri-Lanka, India, China etc come to this place. This place has got very important historical back ground. It was believed that the entire valley was a lake and there was a big lotus in middle of the lake and later it emanated and people started worshipping it as Swaymbhunath flame. There are 360 stairs to climb till the top of the temple. There are temples like Anantapur, Pratappur etc. The Gita temple is also located at the area of Swoyambhu Mahachaitya. The entire valley can be observed from the terrace of Swoymbhunath. It is also one of the important places to visit in valley.

Pokhara :
Pokhara is regarded as one of the adventurous and beautiful city of Nepal. This place is diversified with natural beauty and adventurous spots. There are many places to visit in Pokhara. Some of the places to visit while visiting Pokhara are: Devil’s fall (David falls), Mahendra cave, Fewa lake etc. Located at the western development of Nepal, about four hour drive from Kathmandu – Pokhara is one of the most interesting places to visit. Adventurous things like Paragliding can be done in this place along with diversified natural beauty.

Dharan :
Located at the eastern part of Nepal, one and half hour drive from Biratnagar – Dharan is interesting place to visit. Many places like Buddhasubba, Dantakali etc. has got huge cultural significance for this place. Half an hour from Dharan to Bhedetar brings calm and freshness to our mind. Charles point located at Bhedetar is one of the important places to visit.

Janakpur :
Janakpur is located at the central Terai of Nepal. The major concern about visiting Janakpur for most of the people is Janaki temple. It was built by ‘Tigamgarh ki rani’. There is the marriage hall of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. It is one of the famous places of Hindu’s which has long historic background with Ramayana. There are many places to visit in Janakpur such as; Ram Janaki temple, Ram Mandir, Bivah mandap, Gangasagar etc. Mithila chitrakala is the art of Janakpur which is famous all over the world. Many people every year visit Janakpur to see this art. It is also one of the best place to visit especially those who prefer cultural background.

Adventurous Site :
There are many places for tourists seeking adventure. Mountaineering in worlds top mountains, rafting in wild rivers, Para-gliding over the natural places, hiking spots in various places, Bungee Jumping over river gorge , natural rock climbing, cycling are the few activities which will be point of attraction to adventerous seeking tourists.

There are some many places to visit and many things to explore in Nepal. It is rich in culture and natural beauty which together makes the journey outstanding. Places like Chitwan national park, Shivapuri National park etc. also are interesting places to visit.