My list of ten best horror movies

list of horror movies

Sitting at the corner of the room, covering the face with hand and peeping out from the fingers gap, muting the sound, wrapping up own-self in the blanket, hiding behind someones back, hugging tightly and trying to see the screen.. This is how must of the people watch horror movie including me. :p And looking around time and again, needing someone to go to toilet, observing something being over cautious, turning the lights on whole night, not being able to sleep properly are the few after effects of horror movies. Horror movie is all about creating sense of horror in audience, creating goose bumps, chill feeling by displaying scary characters, strange and sudden sounds, critical and devastating attacks and of course a story to bound all those things.

Most of the horror movies have disturbing scenes so they are mostly categorized for adults only of certain age groups.

Most of the movies are just a fiction whereas few are claimed to be based on true story. Some time we watch horror movies to check our guts, sometime to show our guts to friends, sometime we just feel bored and want to have something extra feeling and many other things. Whatever be the reason for watching horror movies, that will obviously create sense of terror in mind.

To stay calm, always tell yourself… This is just a movie… just a movie. Behind that mask is a person doing all those things just for the sake of acting. And just think how much they might have laughed while shooting the movie.

I might not have explored all the horror movies that have been created. However I’ve tried to list out best 10 horror movies, the movies that created face covering and throwing off mine headphones. This is the list of horror movies that I’ve prepared based on my self interest. Those are ranked from 1 to10. This list may not match your list but it is worth checking out. So here is mine top list of horror movies :

#1 The Exorcist

#2 Psycho

#3 Evil Dead

#4 The Conjuring

#5 Saw

#6 Haunting house

#7 Shark Attack

#8 Paranormal

#9 Shutter

#10Ghost Month

If this list is not enough for you and you want more, here are few more that has obviously been rated high by my friends and other people. Dawn of Dead, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Suspiria, Halloween (1978), Rosemary’s Baby, Don’t Look Now, Horror Story, Audition (1999) , The Thing, Alien, Mamma, The shining and more & more.
Don’t be upset if you have finished watching all this, there are 100s of horror movies out there. Happy Haunting!