Why is Nepal – India border dispute still unsolved ?

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It not a new news that there is a dispute in territory between Nepal and India. We have been hearing about this time and again but we have not seen any high level decisions made regarding this dispute.

I’m trying to sum up some information regarding this matter. Being a normal Nepali, I might not be able to cover up the story from both side, but I’ll try to put some light on what is going over here.

Lets have a look over the historical facts and Figures :
Some of the records show that the border of Nepal was somewhere up to Gaya ( the place where Buddha got enlightenment) during the Malla Dynasty. After the collapse of Malla dynasty, Nepal gradually lost its territory. But earlier Shah rulers like Prithvi Narayan shah, Bahadur Shah, they were able to resume territory up to the Ganges, south-east upto Gomati river. In East, it was somewhere up to Tista and Kangada in the west. Darjeeling, Kalingpong, Kumaon, Gadhwal were also the part of Nepal. During those time, the British were all over the world expanding their colony. They had already invaded India and they were trying to invade Nepal as well. But great Gurkhas fought very bravely against British rulers. British troops were so huge and advanced that Nepal was holding to its sovereignty very hardly but till then British had to face a big loss as well. British couldn’t defeat Nepal ever. To end the Nepal – British War, Sugauli Treaty was signed on 2 December 1815 and ratified by 4 March 1816. The treaty costed Nepal almost half of its territory. British India had promised to Nepal that it’d restore the compromised land to Nepal and in the meantime returned four big districts in the Western region to Nepal and promised to return other later by stating the various reason and paid some money as compensation for taking those parts. Later on August 15, 1947 India became independent and British rulers left India. According to the international laws and rule, those Land of Nepal which were compromised due to Sugauli Treaty with British should have been restored to Nepal after they quit India. But was not done due to unknown reason.

Nepal shares its 24 districts with India only 13 with China only and 2 districts with both India and China. 685 pillars were established to mark the border between Nepal and India. News of pillars missing(about 264 pillars) takes the newspaper time and again. Some of the pillars were swept away by river floods, some due to lack of reconstruction and some due to unknown reason. Pillars have been reported to be missing from places like Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Saptari, Bara and other places. It is suspected that about 65,000 hectares of land has been encroached by India including the major areas of Kalapani-Limpiyadhura and Susta. We often hear news of Indian side constructing roads and establishing Indian settlements encroaching “no-man’s line” at Dasgaja border area, Nepalese being insulted in own land by Indian security forces, establishing Indian army check-posts in Nepalese territory in the name of security, causing unnecessary hassle to the people living in border area, misbehaving the people and many such news. Such news really hurts any patriotic citizen.

Why is this dispute still unsolved ?
Many committees were formed under the leadership of many public faces and they have visited the place, analyzed the data and came to the conclusion that many unacceptable things have happened in the border area.
I just wonder as a Nepali citizen, why is this happening. Why are Nepalese government and officials are not being able to put the facts in front of Indian government strongly? Why is this matter not being addressed properly? Is it due to the hesitation among the politicians that if they speak up about this matter, the Indian government would be angry over them and not provide them any support when required. For them, is the support of Nepalese people more important than the Indian Government?
I don’t think there will be any Nepalese not supporting them regarding this matter even if it means having to stand in the border being ready to face any situation. With the situation going around (Constitution not being built, disturbed peace in society, lost trust from political parties), its a golden opportunity for the political parties to prove that they are here for the welfare of Nepalese people, not to loot the Nepalese and pile up the money in their name.
There is nothing to fear that if we speak up against India, they will stop helping us or close down the border. They won’t do that, even if they want to do that, they can’t. People of both countries have their huge number of citizen work in one another’s country. There are many such things that will not allow India to be on top of Nepal.

The world has been busy to explore space and we are stuck in finding and securing our own border.
Border experts have stated that the Indian side was not accepting old documents and maps. If that’s the case, why not ask for help in the International arena. There are international organizations which look after the international territory and such things. Why are they not being informed about this situation? If they were informed, why are they not addressing the matter? If its due to lack of proper communications, we Nepali are always there to support and speak up in one voice.

Let’s respect the facts and figures, Let the Justice happen.

We don’t want anybody to get hurt but we won’t tolerate injustice either.

PS : Respect to those people living in border area fighting hard each day to save the sovereignty of Nepal and as well as to various other people who have been putting up their voice to aware Nepalese & respected authorities about this matter and sending a message a warning to the invaders.

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