Why is Malaysian Airline MH370 still not found?

malaysian airlines mh370

These are the headlines of major newspaper, internet blogs that we have been seeing and hearing since few days :
MH370 Lost in Indian Ocean, Flight MH370: Lost, Flight 370 search resumes, MH370 “lost,” “no survivors”: Malaysian PM, MH370 Flight Incident, MH370 families attack Malaysian government over loss, Satellites picked up ‘electronic ping’ from missing flight MH37, …….

This is the news of Malaysian Airlines MH730 which lost its contact since 8th March, 2014 somewhere in Southern Indian Ocean and its state is still unknown. The plane was carrying 227 passengers including 12 crew members. There is almost no hope that anyone has survived that accident.

As soon as the flight went missing, rescue team were sent to find the lost plane. But for the surprise nothing has been found till date. There is no sign where the plane crashed. World is after MH370 but no news of any findings.

Investigation teams has started their investigations but nothing has been revealed if that was the case of engine failures, mistake of pilots or hijacked or anything else. They are examining every details they have found possibly.

Its a great surprise to many people including me, how on the earth is it possible for such technologically rich thing to be not found. Isn’t plane supposed to be in contact with the communication tower all the time? Isn’t plane is monitored by radars? Doesn’t plane sends data to communication systems regularly? Don’t they have a permanent tracking device in their system? Even the mobile phone comes with tracking device nowadays. A person cannot run from one place to another place without any legal documents. Aeroplane is such a sensitive thing, aren’t they tracked by satellites all the time?

If such things aren’t there, its the serious mistake of aviation engineers.

I used to think that we have become very rich in technology, we can achieve a lot of thing with the available technology. We have been able to find the planets and other things over space but now we are unable to find plane inside our own planet.  Its just a shame for those who claim to have invented numerous technology that could change the way of life we live but they haven’t built something that could hurt the sentiments of human beings.
It seems like we have been focusing on advanced technology but not basic technology.

Lets hope that flight MH370 will be found soon.
May the lost souls rest in peace. And those who have lost their belongings be strong enough to bear this loss.