Using Facebook : Good or Bad?

Using Facebook Good or Bad?

World’s top site after Google in term of ranking, world’s number one social networking site with around 1.23 billion monthly users… Yes, you guessed it right – Facebook. Who doesn’t know about Facebook. It has been a popular name in our daily life without which day hardly ends.
Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th February, 2004 with the purpose of giving info about various students of college. It was initially available only to Harvard students and was later on available for whole world.

Facebook has been too much common word, I mean who doesn’t have account in Facebook… Father, mother, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, friends, relatives… almost everybody that we know. There are only limited people who have heard about Facebook but never used it.
It has been like a directory list of a people from all around the world. People use Facebook to exchange message, share their pics and interests, add friends, get updates from friends, family and relatives, update others about their daily life and anything that goes around their life. Organizations and professionals use Facebook to give information and promote their brand/product.
Its like one stop shop for communication, entertainment and sharing information.

Since its establishment, we have heard many bad incidents happened due to the Facebook like woman killed a baby so she could play Farmville in Facebook, private pic of couple revealed, break ups between bf/gf, met in Facebook – got married and then got divorced within few months and many such known and unknown incidents,

Is Facebook really that bad? Question strikes “Using Facebook Good or Bad?”

Straight forward answer is NO, if used properly.
Facebook doesn’t encourage users to get involved in any bad activities. It all depends on the user on how they use Facebook. I’ve seen many people who hang around Facebook just to see pictures of unknown boys/girls, post pornography, to have senseless talk, add new people just to flirt, play games all the time, post useless pics from waking up in the morning to going to toilet, eating, giving senseless poses and all.
If you are using Facebook for such purpose, you will enjoy it for a while, but after some time (may be some week, months or even year), you will see yourself in some kind of situation and realize that you didn’t do it right, you have wasted time for nothing. You could have done and achieved a lot if you had given time on something else productive.

Primary purpose of Facebook is to make people stay connected to their friends and belongings and share information. Stick to its primary objective and you will actually benefit a lot using Facebook. You can add new friends and share your interests and increase your knowledge base. You can create or get involved in fanpages/groups and ask questions, share useful information, exchange news, views & ideas, observe how people are doing things – learn from them, market your business, advertise and all. This can be a path to success for your life if used in a good way.

Facebook is neither good nor bad, its a platform. Its up to you how you want to use it.
Use wisely, learn from the incidents, so that you don’t have to regret later using Facebook.

Remember :

  • Facebook can’t exist without the user like us, but we can.
  • Use Facebook as a part of your life, don’t make your life as a part of Facebook.

Stay Positive. Take maximum out of Facebook to bring positivity in your life.

Happy Facebooking !!