Pressure to Perform

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Success may differ from the views of every other person . As opinions differ , it may differ on how success is actually achieved . One may say that success is performing at your best achieving goals that are high and which puts you above others whereas one may view success as inner satisfaction achieving whatever that they have achieved . We are building pressure into us as we see other people performing at their best . Their performance sets us all a level in whatever we do to perform and earn respect of our fellow people . We want to earn respect , perform at our best , be in the best shape and be popular but what we fail to see is the hard work that one has to put into something to be good at it and to grow .

Everything that we do teaches us something , every step in life is a learning step . We must be able to grow and accept that we are not great when we start but we have to start to become great . Our parents want to see us at the highest level but what we want is not to work hard but to achieve greatness which is not possible . One has to start from the bottom and learn and achieve slowly growing to become great .

We must find love in what we do because once we love the things that we do ,our passion for it never dies and we keep working for perfection .

We aren’t always in the best shape and similarly our performance isn’t also always at the top level or the level we would want our performance to be in . This is the reason that we must find love in what we do because once we love the things that we do ,our passion for it never dies and we keep working for perfection . Do not learn to pass but learn to grow , learn cause it is fun , learn because it makes you wise and happy .It is clear that all of us wants a safe , secured and a happy future with things that we like . This doesn’t only mean money , earning alot . If we are in a job that we do not like and that we despise but we’re earning a lot , i do not think that we would be happy in such kind of a life . We should be working where out interest lies because this is the place where we can perform at our best and we also can contribute something for the society .

As a wise quotes says ” If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree , it will always fail ” . This is what we must learn . We must learn this not only for us and our careers but also for the country because wrong and unhappy people doing jobs that they do not like is not what a country requires for its development and its prosperity . Perform in the field which attracts you , do the thing that you love to do . This way you will not only be doing a favour for yourself but also for the country and your fellow countrymen . In this way we will also work for the love of the thing that we are doing rather that other reasons and this is how we can eliminate pressure to perform .