Advantages of Solar Energy – Best Renewable Source

solar energy panels

We have been hearing about the environmental issues due to fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) since ages. Lots of organizations have been working in a particular issue for a long time but the result is not so exciting. But the good thing is people are starting to respond to these issues lately and turning towards the renewable source of energy which not only contributes to clean environment but also will last forever. Solar Energy, Wind power, Hydroelectricity, biomass energy, geothermal energy are a few examples of renewable energy.

Among these available renewable sources of energy, advantages of solar energy outweigh other as this is the most abundant and sustainable.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Low Electricity Bills

Since you’ll be using solar energy for most of your need, Electricity bill will be very less. Solar energy is of course free. Installing the system might sound a bit costly but it’ll negate it at the long run. Contact your local solar energy company and they will be able to suggest you the best solar system.

Low maintenance cost

Solar energy is abundant and maintenance cost is very low as there are no moving parts like turbine, no oil changes, no wear and tear normally. Solar panels come with 10 years of guarantee in average.  Some even offer 25-30yrs of warranty.

Renewable source of Energy

We can use solar energy forever free of cost. It won’t run out like fossil fuels, coals or natural gases. Whether install solar panels on 1 house or 1000 house, everyone will be able to take advantage of solar energy.

Environment friendly

This is green energy. Solar panel and system do not produce any noise nor any toxic gases. Also, solar panels do not contribute to chemical wastes so these are very environment-friendly.

Multiple usages

Solar energy can be used to run various electrical device – Most of the device we use daily are based on electrical power. Solar energy can also be used as the solar heater.

Other benefits

Most of the states provide incentives for installing Solar panels like tax credits, discount in solar panel equipment, installment plan with proper financing. Solar power owners in Washington DC are eligible for the federal tax credit.

By using renewable energy we are not only doing well to ourselves, but we are also contributing to a clean environment for our future generations. Let’s be a part of positive change and start taking benefits of solar energy which is available worldwide.

While there are many advantages, there are few downsides of Solar energy.

Solar Flare

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

Weather effects performance

This might be the number one factor why people defer from it. Energy production in the summer season is better than in winter. Energy production might reduce to 50% in winter season or in cloudy weather.
But with the improvement in technology, efficiency is being better and better over time.

Initial cost is high

If you are planning to install solar panels, you’ll be responsible for investing upfront costs. But there are various schemes available to encourage renewable energy. Please check in with your local authority.

Consumes lots of space

Lots of solar panels are required to meet your daily energy need. You can install the solar panels on the roof but if you need to increase the capacity, you’ll run out of space.
If you do not have open space or place where direct sunlight is available, you won’t be able to utilize solar energy. I do not think it is yet ready for the industrial purposes as lots of space is required also the cost will be very high.

Storage is expensive

Using solar energy in the daytime is not a problem. But if you want to utilize it for night time, you’ll need a power storage device – power bank. Batteries are quite expensive and more prone to degrade over time. But you can use electricity from the grid at night. This way you can still lower the electricity bills.


During the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaics, toxic wastes are produced. But lot less pollution is caused than other sources of energy like fossil fuels.

As we can clearly see that the benefits of solar energy outweigh heavily, why not invest some money in installing solar systems in home and industries.

Some Interesting Facts about the Sun:

– Scientists believe the sun produces enough energy to meet the energy needs of the planet for almost a year in just an hour.
– The Sun is half way through its life. But it will take roughly another 5 billion years to completely burn.
– The Sun is about 109 times as large as Earth (in terms of diameter)
– Sun travels around 220km per second
– It takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for sunlight to travel from the Sun to the Earth