Who will win FIFA World Cup 2014 : Prediction and Supporting Team

FIFA world cup 2014

Who will win FIFA World Cup 2014? Football lovers from all over the world have eye on Brazil as winner of FIFA world cup 2014 will be decided there.. World cup battle is almost on the line and everybody can feel its heat and prediction is being made all around the world for the winner of FIFA world cup 2014. Stage has been set in Brazil starting on 12th June 2014 and 32 countries are ready to battle for the glorious title and create a history. Is it gonna be once again Spain or Brazil is gonna add some glory to its history or Germany is gonna equalize the record of Brazil for winning it most times or Argentina is going to make it end to the long years of waiting or is it gonna be Italy, England, Uruguay or World cup will get a new name to its list. Question is in the verse of getting more and more hot and answer is in the womb of future. We can do nothing but to predict analysing the history and player’s profile. Before making any prediction, lets have a quick look at the facts and figures of World Cup history. Brazil is the the most successful country in the history of world cup which is the only country to appear in every edition of FIFA World cup till date and is the country that has won the world cup most of the time – 5 times, Italy has won the world cup 4 times, Germany 3 times, Argentina & Uruguay twice and once by France, England and Spain. Germany has made it to top 4 for most of the time – 12 times. It’s going to be awesome to see the games of Lionel messi (Argentina) and Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) which are the hottest name in the current football world. Pele claiming that Brazil with Neymar to have the best squad ever, its going to be a test for his young side. Mario Balotelli (Italy), Germany duo Marco Reus and Mario Goetze, Sergio Aguero (Argentina) and few others will be the players to watch in this edition of world cup. As football is a about team performance, one player can’t always win a game for the team. Winner of FIFA World cup 2014 is uncertain and nobody can tell exactly who will win the title but it is certain that it will go to the hand of Country which have done a lot of homework with hard work and dedication. Winner can’t be a country full of popular names but that country which adopts according to game, have specific game plan for each opponent. Team should be able to perform in a group, team work counts more than individual performance. Its a game of both mind and power. Looking at the history and players profile, FIFA world cup 2014 going to be a good tournament and can swing in any way. I expect to see Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Columbia in the semi final and hopefully Brazil will take the advantage of home ground and fans and lift the trophy of FIFA world cup 2014. We as a Football lover have no option to know the winner of FIFA World Cup 2014 but to wait for the game to be played. Lets see who will win the title of FIFA World Cup 2014 . We will get the answer of our query by 13th July 2014. But I’m supporting Brazil as always and Germany as a next choice.