Best Songs about Friendship : Dedicate to Friends


Best friends are the among the best few things that can happen in our life. Ups and downs are the part of life and the same thing happens with the Friendship. With friends, we share things, annoy each other, make gossips, do things together, sometimes fight with each other but we never hate each other – all in all, we make memories together. As we say a Best friend – BFF are those with whom one can share almost everything and care like no one.
Thousands of songs about friendship have been created which relates to the various phase of friendship which we can relate with friends in our real life. Here is the list of songs which you can dedicate or listen with your friends.

List of best friend songs to dedicate to your best friend

#1 See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

What can we say about this song… Just listen and you’ll reach to something else.
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#2 My Best Friend by Jason Mraz :

This is a very nice song by Jason Mraz. Thanking for being a good friend.
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#3 Count on me by Bruno Mars :

This is an awesome song with both words and feeling blended perfectly. You can count on me like one two three, I’ll be there.
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happy friends

#4 Best Friend by Auburn :

This is a song about a friend whom you have been apart. Thinking about how you felt when you both were together – Best Friend
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#5 We’re going to be Friends by The White Stripes

How can you skip this song when you are looking to remember all the good things that you have had with a friend.
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#6 Best Friend by Jason Chan :

This is a good song to dedicate to a friend whom you loved a lot. Somewhat like wanting a love relationship.
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best friend can tell you
friends forever

#7 Oath by Cher Lloyd :

This is a very good song by Cher Lloyd which you can listen together with your friend.
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#8Thank You for being a Friend by Andrew Gold:

Just the perfect song to appreciate your friend and dedicate to your friends.
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#9 Best Friends Forever by Bryant Oden

I’d say awesome song to dedicate to your friend. Just feel the lyrics and flow with it.
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#10 My best Friend by Tim McGraw

You’re more than a lover,There could never be another. To make me feel the way you do Oh we just get closer
I fall in love all over… You’re my best friend
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friends forever

Best Friends Forever by KSM

As the song says, “We promised to always be best friends forever”. Good song to listen and remember friendship.
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List of More Songs to Dedicate to Friend Continues

These are just the few selected songs to dedicate to your Best Friend or even listen together. There are hundreds, even thousands of songs out there which are made to appreciate friendship. Just have to find a perfect song to cherish the awesome relationship.

Just to tell you, many videos listed here are with lyrics. Enjoy!

Friendship makes the world a better place to Live
Friendship makes living worthwhile, lovable and Livable
Friendship creates the right environs for Sharing
The basis of good friendship is selfless, dedicated love of a special kind.