Is wrestling Real or Fake?

Is wrestling real or fake?

Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michael, Undertaker, Brock Lesner, Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Hitman, Edge, Chrish Jericho, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Owen Hart, Lita, Mark Henry, Big Show…. Do you know these name?
If you know these names and can even give more names then…… No doubt that you are a fan of wrestling like thousands of people out there.

How long have you been watching wrestling…
Is it a real action and situation going around there or just they are playing a act?

Many people think its real and many think its fake as well. And people often get involved in discussion whether its fake or real.

Well this doesn’t have straight answer.

Is it fake?
No, its not fake. They perform real stunts out there… punching each other, hitting each other with rods, pipes, jumping, smashing and all.
But the wrestlers try to do each and every move cautiously. They train for hours and hours each day to maintain their physique and get perfection in their moves so that they won’t injure their opponent badly. Sometime moves go wrong and may get injured severely.

Is winning or loosing prefixed?
Yes, It is already fixed (except few times). Whatever action that the wrestlers show is choreographed. The story is scripted. They already know who is going to win the match or loose.

The stunts are real but they move according to predetermined story. The fighting is choreographed but the pain is real.

There is not exact answer whether to say it is fake or not, its an entertainment show – somewhat like movies.
It takes great talent to perform

there on the stage, so respect them, love them & Enjoy the show!