My 10 best Korean Movies


Generally teenagers have diverse interests but nowadays it seems like they are interested in something common – Korean Movies. Not only teenagers but people of other age group are also showing interest in Korean Movies. Korean movies are famous for love stories and breathe taking actions. They are enriched with strong performance and heart touching stories. Cinematography is also the strong part of Korean movies that makes it loveable among the people. Fan following is rapidly increasing which is helping them to move towards the success and has already started to give some heat to other bigger film industries.

If you are fan of Korean movies or may be you have heard enough about those movies and want to have some taste, I have prepared a top 10 list that definitely touched me.

Others might have different taste, but here is mine list of 10 best Korean Movies:

    #1 Millionaires First Love

    #2 100 days with arrogant

    #3 200 pounds of beauty

    #4 Baby and me

    #5 Sassy Girl

    #6 The Classic

    #7 Moments to remember

    #8 Mighty Princess

    #9 My little bride

    #10 Wind Struck

There are so many awesome Korean Movies out there which cannot be compared with one another. Those listed on the list is based on my interest.

You may want to check out the following movies as well which are often mentioned by my friends.

  • The Man From No Where, Silenced ( The crucible), A Tale Of Two Sisters, The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, The rest of the Vengeance Trilogy, Memories of Murder, The Front Line, Frozen Flower, Chilling Romance, Old Boy, Blind, As One, Lovers of 6 years, My Girlfriend is An Agent, Mother, Art of Seduction

Believe me this is not the end of list.

It can go on and on.

If you have any recommendation, please free to mention in comment section so that a Korean Movie lover can have a good time.