Happy New Year : Moment of Joy


The first day that comes after the end of 12 months/365 days/8760 hours/525,600 minutes/31,536,000 seconds is considered as the New Year Day. The completed year becomes old year.

People of different country/region follow a different religion, so is their culture and different might be the calender which they follow. Mostly followed calender is Gregorian calender. Other vary from country to country or religion to religion like People of Nepal follow Bikram Sambat officially as well as there are many other religion who have their own cultural calender like Lhosar, Nepal Sambat etc. People of China, Vietnam, Tibet, Iran, Israel, Bangladesh, Burma and many other also have different day to celebrate new year since they follow different calender. Not only by country but the new year day may differ from religion to religion like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Islam etc. Some where new Year day differs by place like Some part of Nepal, Gujrat, West side of India and so many other places of the world.

Though people have different day to celebrate New Year but the way of celebrating New Year is common. We organize party, we wish new year to our belongings, exchange texts/cards/gifts. We all welcome the new year with joy and happiness and wish it’d be a good year to everyone.

New-Year-2014-Resolutions ilekh.comIn most of the country, public holiday is given in their official New Year Day and somewhere even in New Years Eve. Generally, people have mixed expressions during the New Year time. New Year eve is celebrated by being with friends or family, social gatherings, visiting the relatives and making it joyful as possible. Some people take time to make a conclusion about the achievements during the whole year. They look what they did right or wrong. What could they have done and what they shouldn’t have done. Generally they think about the whole year in the few last days of ending year and start fresh with the new year.

Many people make resolutions as a way of starting new thing in a new year. Some of us try to leave our bad habits, some of us start new work, some of us try to make a habit of helping other. All we try is to make the new year special.

New Year Eve is not the only day to end something neither only is the new year day to start something.

We should be able to leave bad things at the moment we realize and correct it instantly and we should be ready to start new at any time if that can be the path of success.

Make new resolutions, note it, work hard and wisely. And next time when you look at the list, you should be able to mark it as done.
That will definitely give you 100% satisfaction.

Wish you all a happy and prosperous Year.
Happy New Year !!