Gang Fights : Necessity or Fashion ?

gang fights

Recently in Nakhu, college going student were involved in a gang fight that left many injured. Such violent trends can be observed nowadays among our youths. Before that I would like to share a brief anecdote about the incident.

I gave a call to my mum and told her that I will reach the clinic in a minute for free health check up. Having someone in your family in clinics sure has its perk. As I reached closer to my destination, the sight of many policemen and panic stricken crowd shocked me. Knowing something wrong had happen, I hurriedly rushed to the clinic. The moment I set my foot in the clinic,  the site I witnessed was agonizing. It was as if I had ventured into the infirmary at a war zone. Lots of young kids lay there injured. Many parents were in rage and busy quarreling with the school teachers. One parent vehemently asked a teacher “What is the purpose of paying big fees to send children to schools that cannot even guarantee their security?” She later proceeded to sarcasm, “I thought I sent my kid to study and what do I get? A brick in my daughters head?” The whole incident aroused the curiousness inside me. I wanted to investigate but knew there would be no outcome, so I headed upstairs.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up”, said an injured little girl. Despite the chaos, she still looked calm and mischievous. I inquired my mother and found out that a gang fight broke out near the school. An armed gang of boys threw bricks after they spotted their target. They also beat him mercilessly which later resulted in serious life threatening injuries. He was immediately sent to a bigger hospital due to his critical condition.

The incident left me with disgust and agony. Sad events like that are increasingly seen in our society.

Often youths engage in such gang fights to settle disputes mostly on petty issues like complications involving girl or revenge.

Not long ago, I remember some boys involved in a savage gang fights merely because someone was accused of staring. Such pointless agendas only require simple logic and patience to solve instead of physical combat. One thing that can be seen is that boys after dispute proceed to calling their friends or their elder brothers to settle the score. But they should realize as they grow up, life will be more difficult and big challenges lay ahead to be faced. In such moments, can they simply call their friends and brothers? Also some kids take pride in having elder brothers who have gang affiliations instead of feeling ashamed.   And such kids tend to be aggressive and confrontational about the fact that they have back up.
Another common trend that can be observed is that many “tole” gangs have started where they are very aggressive regarding their territory.  Such noticeable aggressive traits are usually associated and seen in stray dogs. These “tole” gangs should realize that such dog like behavior is not suitable for humans. Every piece of land in Nepal is collectively owned by the citizens bar private properties.

Gone are the days when gangs of Deepak Manange and Chakra Milan used to openly indulge in gang violence. After their barbaric act of bringing hell on Earth near Jai Nepal which was a long time ago, our police and State have little to thwart gang violence. Even though both gangs are history but the effects are still prevalent. Stories of gang violence among youths and adult are daily gossip. Although no organized gangs like MS-13 of USA exist in Nepal but necessary precautions must be taken. Youths engaging in gang fights also destroy the lives of people near them. As well as our political parties do have many youth wings that are routinely involved in gang violence.  Our government cannot afford to let such increase in hooliganism.

Psychologically when youths resort to such violence, it shows unhealthy minds and uncivilized manners. Can our society trust such youths as responsible adults of tomorrow?  Are such youths capable of being future parent or voter? This also shows inefficiencies in our education system which is busy producing robots obsessed with high grades. Our curriculum should prioritize and give ample emphasis on sports and psychological development of students. Furthermore, our government cannot sit idle and underestimate the consequences of such problems. As times are hard with the advent of the “Kalyug” age, the gang violence problem persisting in USA could turn into reality in our country.