Is it about doing best in exam hall or being best most of the time?

students giving exam

Being a student we have to give exam in our school and college quiet often. We buy guides, notes, question bank & solutions and the other materials required to score best in exam. We study whole night before a exam day. We often prepare for question that has got more possibility to come in exam. Most of us start for looking tuition centres 3 months before exam or sometime after the routine is published. Mostly our parents force us to study hard after exam comes near but doesn’t care of our study other time. Teachers start giving revision classes, doing the same assignment again and again. In home and in school, our normal routine gets disturbed… Our playing time gets cut off, we are not allowed to hang around with our friends, we are not allowed to watch TV, use internet, walk here and there. We have to sit in our room and look at the books and notes whether we like it or not.

Exam :

We all attend 3 hours exam of each subject (most of the time) And the result : Some of us secure very good marks, some of us get average marks and some of us even fail the exam. After the result : Student who does good in exam is rewarded and the student who fails the exam have to appear in re-exam. Student who performs good in exam is considered as “Good” and who does bad is considered as “Not Good”. In the eyes of teachers and guardian, student gets certificate of a good or bad. And that recognization remains until the student appears in next exam and gets his result.

Now the question arises which is also famous among the grown-up students : Is it just about doing best in exam which is given in a room within specified time irrespective of performance and behaviour of a student in school/home throughout the year? Is it the accurate way to measure the quality of student?

If it has to be a one word answer for me, then it’d be “NO”. Getting good marks in exam…. The exam which requires answers to the question that is mentioned in question paper is not a good way to measure the quality of students. If a student is regular, disciplined, active in extra-curriculum activities, attentive in class, posses good manner and in the final exam that student can’t perform good for some reason, then how can such student should be considered as “Not good”?

And if the student only knows to rot down the notes, doesn’t know the meanings of what he is reading and somehow scores good marks, now can that student considered as “Good”? NO,that is not how the quality of a student has to be determined.

Instead it should be based on his behaviour, his manners, participation in extra-curriculum activities, ability to implement the things that he studies in real life, regularity, progressive pattern, interest in learning and such things. We hear in news about the notes and guess papers being found from student attending exam is all due to the mentality of scoring the pass marks by any means, by hook or by crook. Even sometime we hear in news about the students committing suicide just because s/he couldn’t perform well in exam. School start tuition classes from morning to evening (Specially SLC appearing students), just to revise same thing again and again so that they can write the same thing in exam. Such activity is not going to make students creative instead makes students frustrated and may even get involved into bad habits in the name of getting some refreshment.

Seeing marks as the certificate of good/bad needs to be changed. Students go to school to learn. Every student is different , so is their learning behaviour. Teaching method should be scientific so that a student can get more focused on his interested subject. I don’t mean that student shouldn’t be taught other things except his field of interest. Knowledge of various field is required up to the certain level, that helps a student to know how something works. Many fields are co-related as well so certain level of knowledge is very important about something even if that is out of interest . Knowing something extra doesn’t do any harm.

Teachers and guardians should also be aware about the interest of the student/learner. Instead of forcing to rot something, learner should be taught about generating queries like why and how and helping them to solve such queries. Anybody can do better in the field in which they are interested rather than uninterested field. In the end marks doesn’t count, what counts is how much contribution that we can give to the society. To contribute, you must have knowledge. To have knowledge, one should study by understanding, not by rotting. Everybody knows how good does it feels when we are giving something. If you haven’t felt yet, you should give something to the needy ones and experience that feeling… The feeling is special.

Important the contribution, more special is the feeling. Good things takes time to happen, so have patience and keep your mind open for knowledge. Exam is not only for the students of school/college who gives exam after reading and reading academic book and write down on the answer sheet sitting in a classroom. Instead every situation we face in our life is a exam, we should try to perform best in all those exam. Lets perform best in our real life exam!