April fool : History or Mystery


On April 1st, A very close friend of mine updated his status that he is preparing for his Birthday party. I was like holy crap, how did I forget his birthday. I mean I was among the few who used to celebrate his birthday together and we have been doing this since childhood. I was about to send him message, something came in my mind, “Wasn’t it few months back when he had given us a grand birthday party where I met a girl and that girl is mine gf now?”
Then I realized that he was just making fool out of us on April 1st, April fools day.

This is just one example of making and being fool in April Fool day. Hundreds and thousands of people get fooled on this day as it is considered as a day of making fool to others.

How and why did April fool start?

In ancient time, a young and handsome King went down the streets to look what his people were doing, how were they living. As he was passing by he saw a cute little bird. He fell in love with that bird and asked that bird to go with him in Palace. The bird denied at first but King requested it again and again so the bird agreed to go with the King. The king had special power given by God to change any bird into anything he wants. As the bird was asleep, King used that power to turn that bird into a girl. By the next day, a very beautiful lady appeared from the bird. However the bird asked the king to turn it back to its form of Bird. The king was unable to turn the lady into previous form. Instead, the king married that lady. The lady cried and cried and passed away. On the memory of that bird (lady), a statue was built on 1st of April. We can still see that statue in “Nowhere”.
Why ?
Because I don’t know where is that statue, its just mine imagination.
See, this is how we can make fool to someone on April fool day.

Ok lets get back to the real story how was this day started.
Actually king didn’t marry that lady instead turned that bird into angel and the day was April 1st.
Sorry, I was joking again.

Why I’m moving you round and round is because the origin of April fool’s day does not have a clear history. Different people have different sayings. But the most heard is the following one.
Around 16th century, New Years day was celebrated in the 25th of the March where a week long holiday used to be given. And people used to have big feast on last day of holiday and used to resume their work on April 1st.

Later on, Calender was reformed and was shifted to 1st of January. But the information about the reformed calender reached after several years people living in remote places and they refused to accept that calender or didn’t follow the new calender.
So, other people who followed new calender started to make fun of those people on April 1st and that spread people to people, country over country.

Different people have different story on how this started. Nobody knows how and since when did this started particularly.

People from almost all over the world consider this day as a day of playing a prank. People try to fool their friends and relatives by applying different tricks like saying something that hasn’t happened in reality. Different newspaper also publish news which isn’t real.
All these actions are meant for fun purpose only. Everybody should stay up to the level of fun, it shouldn’t have long term effect in the practical life.

Keep it cool and Enjoy!
Make it a day to forget all the pains and try to make yourself fresh and happy every day throughout the year.

Happy April Fool Everybody!