Nepali Film Industry : Past, Present & future


Mostly old movie makers are not in the state of changing their mind of trying new since they always fear to loose their old viewers. What they need to know is, they can’t always play like that. If they don’t bring massive transformation in their style of making movies, not only they will loose the interest of young movie viewers also they will not be able to grade up the status of Nepali film Industry. Everything changes with time, so should be the movie makers.

We are Nepali and we love our country,  its culture, arts and every aspect . It is totally understandable that, we have very small market in comparison to Bollywood and Hollywood, but whatever we produce can give a big profit because there is always a place for good work among the Nepalese viewers. With the increase in quality, obviously there will be increase in international viewers just like the Japanese & Korean movies. To produce quality movies needs not only good budget but also skilled and talented  crew members i.e. actors, script writers, musicians, camera person, director etc is required which is only possible after getting theoretical and practical knowledge in respective field.  Producers are afraid   of investing large sum of money in movies since there is no consistency in earnings from movies. So government should find a way to encourage film makers to make quality movies. Contribution of film makers from respective field with full dedication and proper preparations as well as some pivot role from Government will certainly help to raise the standard of Nepalese movies and be something to feel proud to Nepalese.