Study abroad : Why & How ?

abroad study

Want to study abroad? How and why to and not to?

Our society has developed a new love for getting their kids study abroad. “There is no future here”, is something many parents will say.
Hence it is now a common sight to see mass exodus of students leaving the country. Last year alone, 16499 students reportedly left for foreign studies. So, taking in view of the rise in obsession in getting abroad how can students apply for studying abroad and should they make the final decision? Below are facts that will certainly help you in the time of making decision :


  • Better education :
    Nepal’s education system is in a pathetic state. The political turmoil has taken its toll in the education like regular interruption of classes, postponement of exams and delay in results. This sort of unnecessary problems hinder the learning process. Also foreign degrees are a lot more impressive in a resume.
  • Increment in social prestige:
    In our society students going abroad are well respected. The society deems such students successful. What more can you ask? Respect in society and better reputation of your name and family.
  • Better pay:
    It is no mystery that normal job holders in abroad countries make more than the doctors and engineers of our country.


  • Expensive: Unless you come from a good financial background family studying abroad may not flash in your brain. The process involved for applying is in itself very expensive let alone the cost of studying there. Also scholarships are available but not abundant. The minimum amount expected while studying overseas are about $12000 or 11 lakh.
  • Hard work is formality: With high costs involved a lot of hard work must be done which is not just essential but formality. Different jobs must be done to pay the bills and working is limited when college semester is running.
  • Cultural shock: Going foreign requires students to have good communication skills and mastery over foreign language. Also social values are different there. It will be a smooth transaction if you are aware of foreign lifestyle. But, for our conservative and traditional friends, it can be a scary prospect.

Now before making the decision consider the pros and cons, also research for more.

If you do decide to choose for abroad study, then the ways are: