Motivational Session by Shristi KC (Very Inspirational)

Shristi KC

At the age of 16, I lost my sight but I got the vision of my life.

“I’ve got hands to do things, feet to reach destination, brain to think and mouth to speak, What do I need more?”

“म सँग दुई हात छन् गरी खान, खुट्टा छन् गन्तव्यमा पुग्न, दिमाग छ आफ्नो लागि
सोच्न अनि मुख छ आफ्नो लागि बोल्न, What do I need more?”

When I had sight in school life, I never came first but after I lost my sight, I never came second in college life.
Became TU topper in Intermediate Level, Became TU Topper(Nepali Literature) in Bachelors Level.

Either anybody trusts me or not or they love me or not,   but I love myself and trust myself.

“To be blind is just like to be like a diamond.”
Generally people can’t afford to have diamond, just like that “blind” people are not accepted by general people. And thats not the problem of blind people, thats the problem of such people.

“By knowing all these things, I decided to transform so called shocking life to rocking life. And started a organization called “Blind Rocks”. ”

To be happy in life, to get success in life… One needs to see through eye. This is absolutely wrong concept. I’m blind, so what? I’m damn happy.
The organization has conducted workshop in countries like Russia, India, Hongkong, Nepal.

People say blind people have got sixth sense. But I say, my other 4 senses have started working properly.

We have everything within us. If we can utilize the things which is within us in a good way, we can achieve our goals of life.

“Biggest mistake in life is making excuses, stop doing that!”
If you do something in life, that’s because of you.
And if you can’t do something in life, again that’s because of you. You are the incharge of your life.

Whatever situation we face in life, we should be able to take it as a experience and enjoy the life. And There you’ll see the beauty of life.

You are the rockstar of your life.
Where you will reach in life has simple formula… Keep doing, keep going and keep dancing with the rythm of your life !