Offline Scams : Be Alert and Stay Safe

offline scam

Online or Offline, scam is a scam and it is illegal. We have already discussed about the Online Scams a few days ago in another article and today we are going to discuss about the Offline Scams. In this growing world, we live life in a tough competition. We have to work hard to earn our living. Money is like everything in this world. The primary objective of the majority of people in this world is earning money…. a lot of money by any means – hook or by crook. Some earn money by working hard, some by looting others, some by using minds and such. People generally have a lot of desire and it keeps increasing over time. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to earn money to fulfill those desires. So often people search a way to earn money in a short time with less effort and dedication.

That’s why people get involved in illegal activities like looting people/banks, murdering, human trafficking, animal trafficking, smuggling drugs, selling low-quality products, bribing, trading fake currencies… It’s really very difficult to live a life in peace due to the people looking to earn easy money. We work day and night and earn some money but some people are always looking to find a victim to fulfill their purpose with various scamming techniques. Most of the time we fall in those kinds of people because of our own greediness.

The main enemy of yourself is “Greediness”.

We shall discuss some ways how those people find way to victimize someone making hostage to our weakness “Greediness”. I will be giving real examples that I’ve seen and heard around myself. These can be termed as “Offline Scams”. In this type of scam, people are communicating with victim face to face and pack up the deal. It’s different than Online scams. Lets start with the type of Offline Scams:

  • Dollar Exchange Scam
  • Gold Scam
  • Land Scam
  • Foreign Employment Scam
  • Employment in Government Job Scam
  • Street game Scam
  • Network Marketing Scam

Here is the detailed list of Offline Scams with example :

Dollar Exchange Scam:

In this type of scam, the “scam party” finds the lower or medium class victim. They create a story somewhat like someone has come from USA and has brought money but that person is so innocent that he doesn’t know where to exchange that money or have a fear that money might be seized by authority or give unnecessary hassle. So they act like they are looking for someone to cash it out in local currency at a very low exchange rate. They provide real samples initially. And at the time of the real deal, they make it a bundle with fake notes and trick you not to check it properly and exchange real money with fake Dollars. When the victim checks the currency through any reliable source then only he will know that he has fallen for the scam.

Gold Scam :

In this scam, “scam party” creates a scene… Scene differs from person to person. The one that I heard that my relatives fell for it as below. This one also works out in a group. Some member of scammer walks in front and some side by side to the victim and some behind the victim. Member of scam party walking in front pretends to drop her necklace or bracelet or any ornament. Scammers walking side by side lets victim to pick that ornament. As the victim picks up that ornament, the scammer comes to the victim and asks for his/her share as it was first seen by him. They will tell the victim to share it or take it to the police. They pretend like checking the ornament and confirm as gold and is very expensive. Then they ask the victim for 50-50 partnership but will lower the share if you can give them cash. They will try to make a deal to take cash from you… they make sure they get maximum from the victim. They go away with the cash and when the victim takes the gold to any Gold shop they will be hammered to know that the Gold is not real but another cheap ornament.

Land scam :

In this type of scam, generally scammers search the land whose owner is not in the country or the land which is unclaimed for a very long time but is not of government. They prepare fake ownership documents as well as prepare fake owner and search victim. When the target victim is found, they try to close the deal as soon as possible stating that the owner is going abroad within few days or the price of land will increase tremendously within few days or another person might buy that land or any other reason. Few cases have been like, scammers show the different land to the buyer (victim) and actually transfer the ownership of next land which is more likely to be unworthy land. Once the scammers get money, they get disappeared and the victim will know the land which was bought to be fake after the real owner shows up or when the victim tries to sell that land to someone else.

Foreign Employment Scam:

These type of scam is performed by the local agents who claim to send the young boys and girls to a foreign country in a good job with attractive salary and facilities. Agents collect huge sum of money from the interested people and run away. Sometimes agents take the victims to a neighbouring country where a visa is not required and leave them there. In some cases, agents show fake approval visas and take to the target country leave them there or even if they provide work in some cases, salary/facilities will be way low than actually said before.

Employment in Government Job Scam:

In this type of scam, scammer offers a job placement in the respective government job in exchange of money. They claim to have known so-called famous politicians or high officials who can help victim to get a job. They take money from the victim. Some scammer offer 100% money return if he cannot get respected job to victim. Some might actually work but 95-99% of people (scammer), take money from victim and let the victim give exams. Victim progresses in exam on his own. If the victim passes all exam on his own, they take all the money without doing anything but if fails they return the money after keeping for few months earning some interest. This is mostly popular in Army/Police jobs in higher posts like Inspector, ASI, SI, second Leiutinent etc

Street game Scam :

In this type of scam, group of people are involved. One of them pretends to be organizing a street game which looks very simple. The person shuffles three coins covered with a cup-like thing and one has to know where is the marked coin. The game differs but logic is same… knowing where is the particular dice or coin or anything else is. What scammers do is, one of them organize the game, other helper scammers pretend to be playing the game who behave like normal people walking down the street. They keep a money bet on that game and pretends to be winning very easily. The normal person walking down the street can easily fall for this as it looks like easy money. There is no way of winning this game as it is a trick.

Network Marketing Scams:

Some marketing company like Dewsoft, Goldquest is also the example of scams where a recruited person gets commission and other high facilities from company for recruiting another person below him. The company might look promising at the beginning but eventually, fail to provide commission and facilities as stated before. Many organizers of such company are in jail and many people have lost their money getting involved in such offers. They are just scams which looks legal at the beginning.

The news came a few months ago where a woman was made a victim. The woman used to have a small street shop. One man started to come to her shop daily and used to have an hours-long conversation. That person became her regular customer and used to have a conversation about her family, relatives and daily routine. One day he offered her a quiet easy job as a maid in a very rich family. Since the woman had a hard time working in that street shop, she agreed to do that job. So the man told her to get ready to go to the house where she was supposed to get the job the next day. Since the family was rich, the man told her to maintain standard – being clean and wear her ornaments as well to create an impression in that family. The woman did as the man told and went with him. They went a few kilometers on the public bus and then they had to pass through a small jungle. Since it was a very hot season, the man offered her a juice and he had it too. After she drank that juice, next thing she remembers is lying down in that quite a jungle like a place. All her gold ornaments were taken, her clothes were ripped off. She looked like a mad woman who has been roaming in the street for years. She went to the main road but no one let her ride a vehicle because she looked like a mad woman. Luckily a vehicle came whose conductor recognized her as she used to bring stuff for her shop in that vehicle regularly. And the woman was rescued.

There are so many ways for normal people like us to be a victim even if we are literate and aware of the scams. The scammer always finds a new way to victimize someone. Whatever be the way of scamming people, it might give a scammer short-lived happiness but that path leads to jail sooner or later. If not caught by authority, self-regret will obviously creep out which makes life very difficult to live with a free mind. We, as a general people should be well aware and have thorough research before handing or investing our hard earned money into something. So avoid shortcuts. Work hard and smart, success will eventually come to you.