Things to know before getting into body building

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We all have seen a muscular hunk guy walking down the street or may be a model showing off his body in his act or a slim trim lady high in confidence just passing by. Who doesn’t like to have such body…. Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Ronnie Coleman, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper….. We see them performing in movies and other places and it just feels awesome to see their body.. I mean they are the idols for hundreds and thousands people out there. Fancy way, Its the easiest way for a boy to attract girl and boys are always ready to jump on girls with maintained body.

Now that physique we see is the result – we may not know how much hard work and patience is required to achieve such an admirable body.

We see some models on television with hunk body and we hit a gym the very next day hoping to get such body within few weeks or a month. And we get frustrated after going to gym for few days because we see no change in our body despite of lifting some weights and sweating everyday. I’m not the guy who falls into the category of “Hunk”, but yes I’ve been to gym and have seen the scenario there. I’m just trying to share my experience.

Before starting a gym, You should ask some question to yourself. Am I ready to work out? Do I’ve enough time to work out? Will I be able to continue gym even if it means coming back to home earlier leaving friends or gf/bf? Am I ready to give up eating junk foods? Do I have patience even if it means working out several days every week?

If your answer is “YES” to these questions, you are ready to start the gym. Keep in mind that bodybuilding is not a one day work, instead its the regular work. Most of the people come to the gym for few days and leave it… Why? Because they are not ready to give what it takes to achieve such a good body. They are just fancy guys who want the result but will never get results. Remember you are not such guy, you are different. Have patience and eventually you will see the results.

Always consult your gym instructor regarding what to eat and what not. Everybody has different physique and so should be their diet. If your diet does not match your work out, no matter how hard and how regular you work, you will not see desired result. Don’t try to impress others by lifting very heavy weights, instead work on your own pace. Increase the amount of weights slowly with time. Sleep, sleep and sleep. If you do heavy workout and don’t take proper rest, instead of body being built your body will start to consume your body tissue itself. So take proper sleep of about 8-10 hours every night so that your body can rebuild the tissues.

Do you want a good physique or those big…… i mean really really big arms and chest and thigh? I know it looks good to see but you don’t want such body in yourself. You will understand it when you start going to gym and get into that environment. Avoid shortcuts. Don’t think of using any medicines or steroids, they might give you the result but you have to compromise your health. There is a huge discussion going around whether its good to use supplements and such things. You do not want to get into that. If you have to, just surf internet and try to get as much info as you can and take your own decision. It’s all about hard work, being regular, leaving unhealthy habits behind. Here you are, you have some basic info on what it takes to have a great physique.

So you really want to start going to the Gym?