Is reserving quota more important than growing up the moral?


This article may spark a feeling of hate among few fellows but please read this full article first. Try to read with a positive attitude and after reading the full article if you feel like you have something to say, please make a comment.

This is not a new thing that we have reserved place for females in various places like some percent of females compulsory in any political party, special preference for female in office, special discount while transferring the ownership of land if that’s being transferred in female’s name, pre-reserved seats in transportation, separate queue for females in some public/private offices and so on. Most of the step has brought a lot of positivity in the society due to which we have already started to see females in leading places. As there are two sides of everything, some aspect might have been affected due to the unscientific reservedness. Today I’m going to cover up this article on “pre-reserved seats in public transportation”.

We can see in public transportation there is pre-reserved seats for female, handicapped and older citizens… 2-4 seats for female, 1 for handicapped and 1 for older citizen. Now what does that mean, 2-4 seats for female and only 2 for handicapped and older citizen… We all know that the number of female is more than that of handicapped and older citizen. But why to make it 2-4 seats for female… Can’t it be 2 seat for female and other remaining quota for handicapped and older citizens?

All females are not weak and all weak are not females.

It not like…. it is not allowed to sit in reserved seats if targeted people is not there. Why not give more preference to older or handicapped persons.

I can give many example regarding the good/bad impression of this reservedness. But for now I’d like to mention two incidents which are totally opposite to one another. A few months back I was on a public bus… Bus was pack. A female of around 20-25 got on the bus. A male passenger was on the front row. I suppose that was a reserved seat for female. He got up and offered a seat for that lady. But that lady rejected to sit on that seat. Instead she preferred standing as few others were already doing. Next example, Few days ago… I was again traveling by public bus. The bus was pack. There was an old man of about 70 years. One of the passenger signaled conductor to stop. He got off and a lady of age around 40-45 was standing near the seat, she hurriedly sat on that seat. And that old man kept standing. Luckily there was a generous lady at the second row, she offered the seat to that old man. Analyzing the first example, what I think (I wonder if that lady thought the same) is she didn’t like to take the seat because she thought she is as strong as other males.

If she would take that seat, that would be like accepting she was weak as compared to other people who were standing. On the very next example, the lady could have offered the seat for older man. But she didn’t. She only cared for the reserved seat. There are no reserved seats for the lady carrying a baby, there is no reserved seat for sick person… People willingly leave seats for those people. What does these example signal (if it doesn’t prove) is, it’s not about the reserving the seat. Its about respect, about moral, about an honor. Writing those number on the reserved list means nothing if the person taking that offer doesn’t know the reason of that offer, if he/she does only care about rights and doesn’t care about duties.
In my personal opinion, instead of making a fine to bus owner if the pre-reserved seat is not mentioned on a bus, it’d be better to conduct a general awareness programme to grow up the moral level of people.
If people are aware of these things, there would be no reason to mention the number and sometimes quarrel for the reserved seats.