How to get fair and glowing skin at home


Its a dream for everyone to have a soft and glowing skin. And what do we not do to get fair and glowing skin ? But it’s all in within yourself whether to limit or make your dream come true. All you need is a little bit of initiation and a patience. Believe in yourself and give continuity to the step that your following as per routine.

One should never expect a magic over night to get the soft and glowing skin. It takes time especially with home based products. You can use products from market or use the natural products which is easily available in everyday kitchen. But let me tell you, there is no good product which you buy in market than the home made products to get the long lasting positive results. Home made products may work slowly but gives you a good result without any side effects. Instead of spending money in buying products consisting of harmful chemicals, its always better to use the natural products that are easily available around us (home).

So here is how to get fair and glowing skin a home.

I’m listing some home remedies to get the flawless glowing skin like you dream it :

As we all know that 70% of our body consist of water, every cells and organs need water to fuction properly. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water each day for overall care of your body. Specifically it helps in the following parts :
– Helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles
– Helps to remove dark circles
– Helps to have radiant skin
– Helps reducing weight safely by removing products of fats
– Keeps your body fresh.

Raw Potato
Potato acts as natural bleach for our skin.
Apply potato juice on the face to make the skin glow by removing scars and pigmentation.

Apply the alovera gel on your face and give gentle massage for 3-5 minutes and rinse well. It softens your skin and removes spots.

Lemon Juice
Lemon has the acidic property and its a natural bleach too. Apply lemon juice to your face, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it with clean water. It lightens your skin as well as makes it supple.

Tomato has anti-ageing properties and also acts as sunscreen. You can apply it as a paste to your face as well as eat them fresh to get rid of pimples, open pores and sun burn.

These are few things that you can do to get dream like glowing skin. Just follow these tips twice a week for best results. And one more thing, its good to follow these steps before going to bed.

Good luck and stay beautiful.

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