Sunny Leone makes Bollywood hotter

Sunny Leone in Bollywood

Ragini MMS 2
How many of you watched this movie ?
Any specific reason to watch this movie?

I mean did you watch this movie because it was the sequel of Ragini MMS or due to the one and only name Sunny Leone. I can’t say anything about that but what can I say is Bollywood market has been hotter with the news of hottie Sunny Leone. News of Sunny Leone is everywhere…. Newspaper, Television, public gossips, radios .. Almost everywhere.

Who is sunny Leone?
Sunny Leone is a former adult show performer who spent about 13 years in porn Industry. It was year 2011 when she took a step towards Bollywood being participated in Big Boss Season 5. After that show, her fan following increased a lot. She was offered a role in Jism 2 and later on she was signed for Ragini MMS 2. She has also performed in another movie – Jackpot. And next movie Tina and Lolo is expected to be released within 2014.
Now the question comes, how are audience taking her? Are they behind her due to her past – adult industry or they really want to see her in bollywood ?

Whatever be the reason, Sunny has got a heavy kick start in Bollywood. She has not clearly confirmed whether she will be back to adult industry or not. She has said in interview that she doesn’t regret her past, it’s her past that has given her breakthrough in Bollywood. She has proved that she has got positive mind which is very important to fight and stay high in the big Bollywood market.

It seems like if she gets good response in Bollywood, she will stay here. For the fact Bollywood is a very competitive industry, it all depends on Sunny herself. No doubt she is beautiful, but more beautiful should be her ability to perform. If she has got that talent, hard working capacity, stardom factor, attitude she will obviously be well received in Bollywood.

We wish her best of Luck for her career and hope to see more of her acting ability.

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