Tips to control Hair Fall & growing Healthy Hair

beautiful hair

Hair fall has become a serious problem nowadays. Everyone is complaining about hair fall regardless that most of the shampoos and conditioners promise to provide best results for their problems. But it’s unfortunate that the problem is growing rapidly day by day due to the time management or for the convenience, people prefer chemical products over natural product which can lead to serious problem again.
It’s embarrassing condition mainly for women to have this problem for a long time which can head towards the way of being bald rather than being bold. As much as possible as stay away from chemical products and avoid excess heat styling methods like hair straightening with iron dryer. Treat your hair naturally which is very important for healthy natural hair.

Natural tips for controlling hair fall and growing healthy hair naturally

1. Water

Replace the habit of drinking cold drinks, tea, coffee with warm lemon water. Drink plenty of water to stay out of dehydration and promote hair growth. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

2. Oil Massage

Regular massaging of scalp with warm oil stimulates the blood flow which is very effective for hair growth. For best results, leave it for overnight after massaging your hair.

3. Yoga and meditation

Yoga plays a very important role in our daily life. Practice deep breathing exercises, inverting methods, Sarbangasan & Halasan (preferred by Baba Ramdev) These exercises stimulate blood circulation in upper part of our body & keep our hair healthy

4. Natural juices

Rub your scalp with natural juices like ginger juice, onion juice, garlic juice, amla juice. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.

5. Neem treatment

It is one of the popular herb for hair treatment. Boil the Neem leaves in clean water, cool it and rinse your hair with this water once in a week. It protects scalp from different kinds of infection that causes hair problem.

Follow these steps just few times a week and you will see the positive results.