Social changes for the Development of Country

social change in development

Social change refers to the multitude change in the culture, tradition, thinking of people in a particular place in due course of time. Actually it is the reference which proves us our present state, our current existence in what way or in which manner we live today. It is one of the important aspects for human evolution. For what we have today since the beginning of “Stone age”, “Industrial age” etc. are the result of social change. Social change covers all the aspect of human evolution like cultures, Tradition our values and norms. With every upcoming generation we can find variation which separates us from the older generation. We can find many disagreements in the ideology of people of different generation. For the development of country leaving the drawbacks of old ideology or moving toward the new one is the positive footstep toward development. The development of country cannot be done with old prospective. By every minute the world is developing and with this developing phase the aspect of social changes increases.

Where do these changes come from? It comes from us. It is said that “Man is born free but else everywhere is bounded by chain”. In our life we have many role to perform and to perform them we need best and accessible ways. So in order to get them we start searching for a change which can be accepted by everyone and these changes arise.

The major question may arise for us are all those changes good? Do all the social changes lead toward development? Well that’s a great question. It is human being nature to go for necessity and we all people are bounded by it. We all have heard the stories of people fighting for changes in different places all around the world.

When people fight for that type of social change it is called revolution. Revolutionary change is also the type of social change.

Revolutionary change includes industrial, political and many other fields. If there was no revolution people would be bounded by narrow domestic walls (Discrimination). There are several factors that help in the social changes. Generally media plays huge role for supporting this type of changes. They help to know what’s going on around our country, society. It acts as one of the link to promote social change. One false assumption can cause a great loss because of the media. It can destroy hopes and dignity of many people which is a drawback for social change. ‘Activism’ it is also one of the way that promotes social change.

The question may arise what is ‘Activism’? It is one of the methods for environmental and physical change in a particular place. It covers all the sector form awareness, revolutionary changes to political affairs. It also covers the development in business policies. Social change also results in the transformation of traditions reliable to the society. Further it helps to eradicate taboos also known as evil or false practice and establish human rights. It makes our life simple and well adjusted. It is one of the reasons for eradicating system of slavery, child marriage and many other evil practices. Social change helps people to move forward, amend some good and positive developmental activities, equal human rights. It covers all the perquisites for development. Social change is important because it broadens our mind, makes us cooperative and leads our country toward positive development.