Attempt to make Worlds largest Human Flag by Nepal

Largest Human Flag of Nepal World Record

More than 35000 Nepalese gathered today at Tundikhel, Kathmandu to attempt the formation of worlds largest human flag (national Flag ). The programme was organized by “The Human Value for Peace and Prosperity “. It was actually an attempt to break the previous record set by Pakistan making human flag of about 29,000 Pakistani national on February of this year (2014 ).

A human flag of 128 metres wide and 168 metres long was formed as coloured place-card was carried by the participants. Nepal is the only country in this world to have unique flag with bi-triangular shape. National flag of Nepal is composed of 3 colour ( Crimson Red, blue and white) with moon at the upper triangular part and sun at the lower triangular part.
Explanation of elements used in National Flag of Nepal
– Blue : Calm like as sky
– Red : Symbol of victory in war
– Sun & Moon : These are the very important part of life without which life is not possible in earth. Its a respect to Sun & Moon. Till the Sun and Moon remains, Nepal stands still.

All the footage, pictures and available proof of exact participants will be verified by the staff of “Guinness Book of World Record” and will be announced in a month or two. It is obvious that Nepal has broken the previous record but by how much is the question thats lingering around.

Rs100 was collected from each participant as normal fee and rs500 as personal sponsors. And the organization has promised to utilize the unused fund for the people effected from flood and landslides.

For the Nepalese people with the political instability going in the country, it is a event that shows there are still people who are ready to do something for the country when needed. It is like a warning to the irresponsible ministers and fraud who are taking benefit of dirty politics, Nepalese people can get united at any time and claim their own faith. For all the Nepalese people residing outside Nepal, it is a hope that future generation of Nepal will be in safe hands can get united when required and move in the path of prosperity and development of Nepal