Study abroad : Why & How ?


If you do decide to choose for abroad study, then the ways are:abroad study

There are two distinct ways of studying abroad: with the help of institutes or independently.

Even if you choose to go ahead with yourself (without the help of consultancy), you still need to go through the following process. Processing on your own will save your money but opting to processing through consultancy will be a bit costly but helps you to save your time and provide guidance.
The process can be divided into two parts which will help to give the basic picture of how the journey will look like.

It involves a lot of work and effort.

  • Appear for exams (TOEFL, SAT, IELTS) as instructed by the college. It will be very prudent if the student decides to enroll in preparation classes.
  • Find a college according to your score/ fill up the admission form
  • Submission of required documents to college
  • With good results and effective submission of documents, college will send letter of acceptance.

It involves more of luck and depends on how effective the stage 1 was prepared. This is the last stage which will decide your months of hard work and change your life.

  • Prepare for the interview.
  • Go to embassy to apply visa. Be confident and face it.

If you get visa then congratulations!
If not then it’s not the end of world.

Endless opportunity are floating around all the time, what you need is a vision to see it and determination to go through the chosen path. Working smart with proper dedication is root of all success.