Struggle – A Journey

struggle journey

These days “People are behind money, they don’t time to care about others’ feelings”,. This was what Shikha repeated to women working with her. She was one of the successful writer, but was staying in hostel of the abandoned women. It was a bit mysterious and everybody were confused about her. She was 18 when she was brought to hostel. Her friendly nature made her famous within the hostel and studied literature. Everyone in the hostel knew she had suffered a pain in her past life but they were unaware of what it was. One day a student came for project to interview to Shikha where she was asked about her life. Shikha then narrated her story.

To begin, I belong to a rich family meanwhile, scattered after my parent’s death. I and my brother – Sumit, who was 5 years elder than me, got divided by my uncle and an aunt. They kept him with them and I was sent with uncle’s friend, who sold me when I was 15. I was tortured there and they made me to do all household work. After some time, I managed to run away when I realized I was sold but got caught again. Those moments were the worse in my life where I was beaten severely and became unconscious many times. Here, I was compelled not only to work as a servant but also as a prostitute.
I even called my brother but always Uncle happened to pick up phone so I could not reveal my situation to him as he was very dangerous.
I spent two years in that hell because I could not call my brother. One day a man – uncle Ayaz, asked me what I was trying to do? He had noticed me several times before, he
said. I told him everything and he helped me to talk to my brother – Sumit. I cried when I heard his voice. I told him what I was going through. Sumit questioned me a lot and then told me to stay calm. He then asked me to give the phone to the uncle who helped me, so I did. He talked to uncle who told me that Sumit will come soon for me. I was overwhelmed but I was instructed not to tell this to anyone.

After that day I was in regular contact with that uncle. The boy from the tea shop was our medium. He told me what to do. After long planning and coordination with police, I was rescued. Sumit came there with cops and helped me. I felt as if I have conquered the world. I was free, an enormous feeling of freedom was what I was experiencing. I never felt like that before, I was feeling out of the world.
I was NOW ALIVE. I was happy.
But, this happiness didn’t last long. They were after us. Sumit took me to uncle Ayaz and told him to look after me and went but did not return. I was dead again.
I was too nervous wherever I would go. My confidence level turned into ZERO.
After some months uncle took me to a place where I found my inspiration. I found a girl of almost 16, fun loving, happy but had been through the same situation as me. She made me understand the value of my smile. After meeting her, my life changed for forever. I turned back to be a fun loving
girl from silent and also resumed my studies.
One day suddenly uncle Ayaz sent me to the hostel. I was shocked when I got to know that he was murdered very next day. I understood why uncle sent me to the hostel in such a hurry. Then I realized that he had left a message for me to the warden, who was his friend. I don’t know how, but I went to crime unit and told them everything. They helped me to get my uncle and aunt arrested. They are still in the jail for life imprisonment. Then I completed my study and
became a writer.

The student questioned her for what reason that she stays in the hostel, after being so successful writer? To what she replied,” I still love this place. I feel to be here and want to help other women so I am living here. It has become my home in these 11 years”.

People had gathered for her story. They now knew why Shikha was a mystery. She then announced that she has written a book named STRUGGLE – A JOURNEY which was based on her life. The book was published and she became an inspiration and example to others. This is not the story of Shikha’s life but the story of a girl’s struggle to become somebody from nobody.