He came in this Dashain : Hope is Strength

Hope is strength

[quote_center]”No John, it’s not possible. He won’t come”[/quote_center] His mother used to repeat this statement when he asked his father to come home for Dashain. John’s father – Joe, an army man who had not celebrated Dashain with his family since 7 years. John was now six but he had never commemorated his favorite festival with his father. Every time he wished him to come, he was heartbroken. Joe always agreed but could not come.

This year Joe promised John to be home during Dashain. However after some day Joe phoned and told that he might not be able to make it this year too. Although everyone lost hope of having Joe, Johnson believed his pop would come this year for awesome Dashain. He said,” Dad vowed me, he will be here this year”. On one hand, almost everyone got upset and even became angry on Joe for giving false hope to his son. On the other hand, John made his daily routine of waiting eagerly for his dad and hoping his father to appear somehow. He always told himself, “Hope is Strength.” [quote_box_right]John firmly replied saying, “I know dad is busy but I can’t stop to hope. May be he won’t come but I’ll keep hoping”.[/quote_box_right]

It was the day of Saptami, Joe was at his barrack worrying for John. He was dismay as he could not fulfill his son’s desire and he felt a kind of regret because of his unavailability to rejoice Dashain with his son. When he was thinking about John, Mary – his wife rang up and told him that he will break his son’s heart again. She explained how desperately John was waiting for his father’s arrival. As Joe heard sound from wife, he felt guilty for what was happening. He could not help himself and went to his senior but had close-mouthed. He made an excuse and moved back. The feeling of breaking his son’s trust was killing him, he was dying.

Next day, John himself called his dad – Joe asking him to come home a day before Dashain. He said that he has informed all his friends about solemnizing this Dashain with his father. He said, “This year will be the best Dashain of my life dad”. When Joe heard this, he couldn’t cross his words. He then told that he will try to come but it seems to be impossible. John showed his trust, saying,” I know dad you have lots of work so I will not force you, but when you come home I will welcome you at first “. Joe had to go for his duty so he told his son that he will talk later and hanged up the phone. Joe was happy to know that his son understood. He was overwhelmed to see how much his son cared and trusted him. He got emotional. There, John told everyone that he had full faith on his father. Everyone was disappointed by Joe, worrying about John.

On the day of Nawami – one day before Dashain, everyone started convincing John that he should wait for his father as he was busy this year too. John firmly replied saying, “I know dad is busy but I can’t stop to hope. May be he won’t come but I’ll keep hoping.” Everyone turned speechless. They couldn’t do anything except hoping that his hope doesn’t have to die eventually.
It was lunch time, everybody were having lunch when the doorbell rang. Mary opened the door and saw no one there. She returned and doorbell rang again. She got irked by this and told his son to open the door. John got up and told, ” what if it’s a dad?”. Everyone was feeling pity on John as he still hopes for his father to come. John went running and opened the door.
When he opened the door, to everyone’s surprise Joe entered. Mary shouted at him for playing prank when he knew everybody was disappointed and hugged tightly, John jumped off happily and Joe lifted him on his back. Joe then explained them that John wanted to welcome him at first so he did this. He wanted John’s wish to fulfill this year and luckily application of leave was granted at the last moment. So, he has come to celebrate Dashain with his son, family and relatives as promised. Joe hugged John and apologized for being late. John said that he wanted to celebrate with him and he is happy that his hope turned into reality.