I am a Dream

I am a dream

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]am a mysterious time – a big troubled mind with some rhyme.
Don’t You know me yet? Don’t You have any clue??
“It’s me, I am a DREAM!”

Well, you come to my arms every night . Oh yes! Evening , Afternoon, Morning too but the night is wonderful time to see me .

You look terrified, why? Is something wrong ?
I am just a illusion. I know you well , I am on your side . Come to my arms and see the life, live on it for a moment. And if those moments are just right, you’ll see fine in your eyes – adorable .
Listen to me, I don’t do evil but nightmare is my cousin – loves evil. By the way, I’m also afraid of him . He always scares you but I believe in fairy tell . I will bring mind dwelling dreams that you have never seen.
I know the way you sleep. You have always seen my engineering but you still doubt me – my power?
Here I express myself ” I’m a hope, I’m a hero , I’m seen, I’m feelings, I’m courage, I’m help…. I’m everything”
But still I’m called “THE DREAM” ..

Oh boy, still confused??
I’m the one – almighty, the powerful.
I’m in your soul, in everyone’s soul . I’m a part of your mother nature – the wonderland , the heaven. Yes they call me hell too .
I can create disaster, I can make you master, I can give you light…. Ask me anything I can’t! They call me an amusement of hopeless heart but I’m a fault of a broken heart. I’m the worst end and the beautiful start. You see this world, love it? Want to be a part of the sky ?
This world is beautiful as you . This world is for you but you are not for this world. But what else can you do when it humbles your head “the Sun has failed and Moon is dead”. You don’t have to worry about a thing, just close your tired eyes and come to me . Whatever happens, it will be well. We’ll see, your nightmares going to sink in filth . Be a man with pain and turning it into power. Be grateful and wise.
Whatever happens, give a smile and think – I’m on your side…. You have a “DREAM

Guest Post by : Sujan Aryal