Offline Scams : Be Alert and Stay Safe

offline scam

Online or Offline, scam is a scam and it is illegal. We have already discussed about the Online Scams few days ago in another article and today we are going to discuss about the Offline Scams. In this growing world, we live life in a tough competition. We have to work hard to earn our living. Money is like everything in this world. Primary objective of majority of people in this world is earning money…. a lot of money by any means – hook or by crook. Some earn money by working hard, some by looting others, some by using minds and such. People generally have a lot of desire and it keeps increasing over time. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to earn money to fulfill those desires. So often people search a way to earn money in short time with less effort and dedication. Thats why people get involved in illegal activities like looting people/banks, murdering, human trafficking, animal trafficking, smuggling drugs, selling low quality products, bribing, trading fake currencies…. Its really very difficult to live a life in peace due to the people looking to earn easy money. We work day and night and earn some money but some people are always looking to find a victim to fulfill their purpose with various scamming techniques. Most of the time we fall in those kind of people because of our own greediness. The main enemy of ourself is “Greediness”. We shall discuss some ways how those people find way to victimize someone making hostage to our weakness “Greediness”. I will be giving real examples that I’ve seen and heard around myself. These can be termed as “Offline Scams”. In this type of scam, people are communicating with victim face to face and pack up the deal. It’s different than Online scams. Lets start with the type of Offline Scams:

  • Dollar Exchange Scam
  • Gold Scam
  • Land Scam
  • Foreign Employment Scam
  • Employment in Government Job Scam
  • Street game Scam
  • Network Marketing Scam

Over the next page, we will discuss each type of scam in brief.



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