Student Discount in public Transportation : Justice ?


We can see that now general transportation fare is little bit high, indirectly it is because of giving discount to all the students of all category and fake student card holders. As we know that if we are getting benefit in one thing then we are losing in another. Reason behind that is giving discount to all the students from each and every level, it is difficult to earn profit for the owner of the vehicles. As a result, they increase the fare of transportation to other people to maintain their balance. So Government should analyze this part and they should make rules in the benefit of students as well as non students. And they should think about senior citizen and physically disabled citizens too. In some cases we can observe that such kinds of people (senior citizens, physically disabled) are not getting discount instead fraud student card holders are getting discount and facilities.

It would be a bit practical if discounts is provided only for students upto certain level like +2 or Bachelors level.

Most of the students after bachelors level or during Bachelors level, they start doing jobs. This might not help much but doing so definitely gives pressure to public transportation committee to decrease transportation for non students.

So government should make strict rules against fake student identity cards users and do regular checking if real students are getting proper discounts in public transportations .
We as a public transportation user, should be fully committed to make the public transportations as friendly as possible.



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