Worst reality TV shows


List of worst reality TV shows continues….
MTV teen cribs
The basic plot of the show is to show viewers the stunning and luxurious house of extremely wealthy teenagers. Thanks to their parents they live a luxurious life. But why should people waste their time watching cribs of rich teens? I’d rather watch cribs of celebs.

Keeping up with the Kardashians
You know Kim Kardashian, don’t’ you? The celeb who is popular but no one knows why. In this show, Kim and her shows us her personal and professional life. One can only wonder why people watch this type of show which is full of melodrama like the TV serials of India. So, don’t bother checking this show. If you do wish to watch it then be prepared to see the drama surrounding the Kardashian family which is surely scripted.

Most of the Indian reality shows
Our neighbors India, also has a long list of reality shows which you can correctly guess are utter nonsense. From shows like MTV roadies which has a very furious bald host and involves participants travelling to different places and doing pointless tasks. Another show Splitsvilla is designed for love birds or dumb teenage girls. There is also a bizarre show where couples file case against each other and is solved on air. Duh! Somebody tell them we have judicial courts made for such purpose, but then again it’s pretty obvious that show is 100% fake.

Obviously this is not the end of list “Worst reality TV shows“, many other shows are total waste of time such as Mob Wives, Bad Girls Club, My Strange Addiction
, My 600 Pound Life, Bridalplasty, Teen Mom, Toddlers in Tiaras and many more. If you know any comment in the box below.

If you value your time and know the importance life you have got, it is advisable to stay away from this type of shows to avoid mental degradation


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