Worst reality TV shows

worst reality shows

There are plenty of reality shows out there to watch in TV.
Basically reality show requires reality with entertainment like its title suggest but some shows have blurred the line between entertainment and garbage. Every thing has positivity as well as negativity, but these type of shows have mostly negative effects. Below are the list of worst reality TV shows, that confuse us about their existence and questions the intelligence of people nowadays.

Here goes the list :

Jersey Shore :
This show features group of Italian related individuals and is set in New Jersey, America. Basically, the show reveals their world as they get drunk party and yes only get drunk and party. There is no format and involves no sort of eviction. So, if you want to watch a show with the participants going to clubs every day, getting into fights and dancing with only fist pumping moves. Then this is a show for you.

My sweet 16
How to even begin with the show? Basically it is about outrageously rich kids celebrating their 16th birthday. If you watch it you will witness how a big party is organized. Also you will witness tantrums being thrown by the spoilt kids. It involves a lot of different kids raving about the party and constantly flattering and bootlegging the birthday kid. In many instances the birthday kid gets extremely mad at their parents for gifting them “normal cars”. Why would 16 year old kids need a luxurious car? This show also reflects the consequences of bad parenting.
P.S don’t let your kids watch this show.

16 and pregnant
Yes, there is a show which has a 16 year pregnant girls. This is all result of bad sexual habits and ignorance. This show does not have much to say other than telling about the lives of pregnant teens whining about their problem. But why not just resort to abortion if it is such a big hindrance.

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