Sweanta’s Jacket


Something out of the blue, well something new
It had been long since I’d last seen something amazing
Well I tried not to look but what was in front was eye raising
A bump on the road or is it something like a rough patch
Well that’s not what it was as
It was a smooth ride
The old style just died, set aside, new things to abide, by and look at its upside

Was it just the greatest thing, Something amazing like someone welcoming the spring
A twist of fate, In a world where you take what you get
She then looked amazing with her new Jacket
Different from what she used to wear, With it you could notice the glare
That she caught on her face, Unworthy to compare
The glare that she had the rest of the days
Cause we know what comes in stays
And this jacket is here to stay

Was this a surprise, something out of the blue to catch normal people’s eye
What she advise, is that give rise, to person you’ve always wanted to be
An angel in disguise
The jacket does the MAGIC.




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