Time For Change : Are we ready ?


Playing the blame game and not taking action is what most of our politicians are good at. Firstly, the government itself should implement better policies like scrapping the overrated SLC exams and bringing in new modern mechanism. It is because the current mechanism is modeled from India which in turn is modeled from the old British rule. The reluctance from the government to bring a change shows us their insanity. Also the students enrolled in public universities should be considerably deprived of their indulgence in politics to some extent. Students should be taught in depth about the various political parties together with relevant information on members and their stance on various issues. It is only after gaining and in depth knowledge that they be allowed to actively take part in political activities. Also political parties should be strictly warned to not encourage their youth wings to resort to violence and riots. Such activities only disturb other fellow students.

The current situation of the public education system is in a pathetic and sympathetic state.

Also our government should take a serious look at all the public schools because they seem to be lacking way behind their counterparts: private sector schools(SLC results for example). Also there should be a taskforce made, focusing solely on updating the syllabus on a consistent basis. The youths of Nepal should be learning subjects and concepts that are on par with their global counterparts. Such activities are surely affordable. Also if the government doesn’t want to witness the mass exodus of students leaving the country, then the economy should be improved. What is the point of studying if the economy can create jobs? Also technical education should be promoted. The current situation of the public education system is in a pathetic and sympathetic state. Even though it is difficult to improve infrastructure, improvement of the education provided may not be as difficult. The youths are the futures of tomorrow and hence should be given ample opportunities to blossom. The mistakes of the past cannot be repeated. If nothing is done, there cannot be room for optimism.



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