Online Scam : Know about Con artist and stay secured


Example of online scam
The first example of online scam is regarding the compensation from western Union Money Transfer. Here in this example Con/Scam artist is trying to be real by providing all the details. Alert :

  • First the email is from Nigeria (famous name in the scam world).
  • Western union wouldn’t have such type of email.
  • There is no way you will be getting that money since Western Union has no provision to pay that much money as compensation.

    Next Example : This is an emotional scam email. Many people might send her the details. But after you send the details, you will be asked to send some initiation fee and so on. But you are going to get nothing since its a 101% scam email trying to get the victim. Why would anyone who even doesn’t know you will send you email and trust that you will send her the money after you get it.

internet scam
Example No. 2 (Click on the pic to view full)
Be aware it is one of the famous pitch that scammer use. Next one is “One ring scam” “One ring scam” where a scammer gives a missed call with just one ring. And if a victim calls back on that number, he will be charged with about $20 mostly. I don’t know how do they do it but they do it. Do not respond to the missed call from the number outside of country where you don’t have any relatives. I even read in newspaper about the scams about the gold dust some days ago. The person found the agent online who was trying to start business. He was well educated person and knew about the online scams. He inquired about the person.. got his personal details, documents of his organization. He even went to visit that person. He met that person and even got the gold samples which were 80% gold. He was quiet sure that it was not scam and it’d make him rich. After he got the sample, he brought the documents of the scammer’s organization and checked it with the trust worthy source and got positive results. And he sent the money to that person about $4 million. After the money was sent, scammer made various reason for the late delivery of the gold dust. Slowly and slowly he was breaking communication. The person (victim) was too worried since it was a big sum of money, he went to meet him(scammer) in his country just to know that he(scammer) has left no any trail and had disappeared. All the documents that scammer provided him earlier proved to be false which were looking positive during the initial inquiry. There are many other ways that scammer use to find the victim. Many people have fallen into these type of scams. Be careful. Some of the ways to be safe from scam : – Never share your personal details with unknown person or the person that you know only through online and get involved in monetary transaction. – Remember if someone is offering you something without having you to do anything, red alert – Scam. – Someone offers you some products way too low price than that of market price – big scam alert – High return for your investment in very short time – It is scam. At first scammer asks for few investment, gives the initial investors good return and receives good review. Later on many other investors also invest money and the result…. Scammer runs away with the money. – Always check if the site is secure or not (https://) if you have to provide secure data like username/password. – Never give login details to anyone even if they claim it to be the representative of respective site. Legit site never asks for login details in any condition. When something seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is! If a small percentage of your mind says, this cant be true.. Listen to it and try to clear out the doubt. Scammer are very well prepared to answer your every question making it look like almost real. If it looks like a dog, barks like a dog and walks like a dog, it’s a dog! Greediness is the main reason why people get scammed. Don’t ignore even small reason to doubt out of your greediness. There is no short-cut to earning money, short-cut always puts one in trouble. Think smart, Stay away from scam !



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