Online Scam : Know about Con artist and stay secured

internet scam

Haven’t you got an email stating that you have won a lottery, sometime a billionaire died and his property is unclaimed , sometime a girl has been pinned in Iraq and she needs your help, sometime they are providing you a iPhone in very low price than that of market and etc….. And what they require to get what they are offering is your personal information and later on small fee to initiate the process. Do you remember any such email if you have been using email services for quiet long now?? Most of you might have got at least one. If not, you haven’t checked your email properly. This is all about Online Scam. It not a new thing that people have been using internet as a part of daily life and cases of people being scammed through internet has piled up as well – Online Scam. There are so many variations of scamming people. It can be through email, popular websites, message boards, chat rooms and many other ways through which a person can be contacted. The person who tries to fraud people with illegal activities is referred as Con artist or Scam artist and people who fall for these activities – Victim. Why are they called con/scam artist? Because they are very well prepared gathering almost all the information about the medium through which they are going to scam. They will also try to grab as much info as possible about the victim as well. They try to take advantage of any weak points of a medium. They do it in a very professional way so that most of the time victim doesn’t realize until victim loses his hard earned money and scam artist goes unavailable. Getting hold of scam artist is almost not possible due to its nature. Most of the time scam artist are from abroad and it becomes very difficult for any cases to be filed in police station because scam artist use fake personal details like name, address and phone number. Hundreds of people have been scammed through internet loosing thousands of dollars. The process starts with asking for the personal information so that you could get may be billions of dollar, claim a lottery, help a pinned girl in Iraq, business partnership with Prince of Saudi Arabia and any other reason to make you interested in his offer. The process involves you transferring the initiation fee, ownership fee, legal fee and many other fee until you can afford to pay. Sometime victim pays the cost of the goods and gets nothing. We shall be giving some examples in the next page and a way to be safe.



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