Best songs to dedicate to Girlfriend Or listen while You are in Love


Love is a awesome feeling. Everybody might not be able to feel the real power of Love. Its just a amazing feeling when you are in true Love. You want to laugh, you want to talk, you want to share, you want to hug, you want to kiss, you want to forget world, you want to take care. You want to make each other feel how much special you are to each other. There are numerous way to express love and one of the powerful way of making your beloved one feel how are you feeling or thinking is through songs. Hundreds and thousands of songs about love have been written and sung in various languages. Everybody is different in this world and so is their relationship. Choosing a song to dedicate to your partner solely depends on the type of your relationship or the taste of music they have. Despite that fact, I’ve tried to make a top list of best songs to dedicate to girlfriend. As well these songs can be dedicated to your boyfriend since music has no gender or religion. Music is more about feelings. It’d be so injustice to rank it as number wise because every song is special according to time and situation. So here is the list of songs to dedicate to your girlfriend/boyfriend (unordered) :

(Click on the name of song to watch video )
By Chance (You and I) by JRA :
This is a cool song and voice is awesome. Your girl will definitely be high on her heels if you sing it for her.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran :
Isn’t the name enough? Ed sheeran. Your loved one will obviously fall in love with both lyrics and video.

Perfect two by auburn (for a girl to boy) :
Making a pair to show a bond like Peanut butter to jelly, apple to the pie, straw to the berry, prince to the princess. Very good song to hear together with loved ones.

Marry You by Bruno Mars :
This is a cute song that expresses love and goes forward talking about getting married.

When you look me in the eyes by The Jonas Brothers :
This song pretty much explains how does it feels to be with the beloved one. This song also suits for the one waiting for the girl gone far.

I won’t Give Up by Jason Marz :
This one explains how does it feels to be with the loved one. It also explains about not giving up on love easily.

Wanted by Hunter Hayes :
This song is all about adoring girl and love.

Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye :
Awesome song that can take you with its flow. I don’t know how many baby were conceived with this song :wink :wink

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz :
This is just a cool song

It Girl by Jason Derulo :
Just another awesome treat to ears and heart.

Your Love by Michelle Wright :
This one explains the feeling about being with lover and adores love.

There are so many songs out there, It’s not possible to list out all as different person has different taste as well as unique relationship. Please feel free to comment the songs below if you think that should have been mentioned above. Till then love your partner. Make good understanding. Give time to each other. Happy Relationship!!!

Just because you don’t have to go here and there, I’ve embeded the video of above listed songs from Youtube in next pages.

Just to tell you, many videos listed here are with lyrics. Enjoy!



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